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Looking for tools to help you be a better real estate professional? Try out one (or all!) of our apps! Whether you're looking for an accurate affordability calculator or in-depth information about your local farming area, our apps can help you stand out from the crowd! (2).jpg

ChicagoAgent ONE App

ChicagoAgent ONE is a city/county specific closing cost app that comes preloaded with calculations and closing costs for Real Estate professionals. Generate quick and professional seller net sheets and buyer estimates for your clients in just seconds. ChicagoAgent ONE is jam-packed with features that are sure to wow your clients!

Chicago Title Now App

Chicago Title Now provides real time access to valuable property information using your phone. Get property address, legal description, tax information, property characteristics, transfer history, nearby properties, comparable sales and a plat map. Use of this product requires that you register for Premier Services. (1).jpg

Chicago Title Walking Farm App

Using the Chicago Title Walking Farm App, you simply select the area you want to walk by drawing a line using your FINGERTIP through the properties on an aerial map in the order you intend to walk the Farm. When you are satisfied with your selection, the App will return a list of properties in walking order. Or draw a polygon area using your FINGERTIP to return information on all properties within that area. The information can then be managed from your device; notes can be added to each record for follow up activities.

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