The Most Advanced Walking Farm App in the Industry.

ACTIVE FARM lets you load your farm databases to our web site and it will automatically check for new ownership changes and update your selected farms twice a month. Chicago Title ACTIVE FARM is the most advanced Farming Web Site in the industry!


You and/or our Customer Service Department can load a farm to the web site. As an added bonus, all of your Chicago Title Walking Farms and Polygon Farms from our App are uploaded to ACTIVE FARM automatically and updated when selected on your device.


• From the website, ActiveFarm you can drill into the targeted farms to better pinpoint your marketing efforts.


• Snapshot statistics are provided on your farms so you can establish what exactly is going on in your farm area.


• Manage multiple farm areas and have them stored on one site. No more searching for lost emails or needing to contact your title company when you need the farm updated.

To get started using ACTIVE FARM, you must create a Premier Services user
name and password. Reach out to us so we can get you access to this awesome tool.

After we get you set up, you can log in by visiting the page HERE!